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Hotel e Ristorante dei Consoli - Gubbio
Hotel dei Consoli
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Gubbio and surroundings

art and culture A masterpiece of medieval town, rich in historical and artistic heritage as well as in ancient traditions, that can be found intact in its folklore and products. This is Gubbio, the oldest town in Umbria region, as shown by the Tables of Gubbio, housed in the City Museum, and the Roman Theatre's ruins. The medieval district was outlined mainly during the fourteenth century, which marked the utmost developing period of the city, as shown i.e. by the magnificent Palazzo dei Consoli (Consular Palace), designed by Angelo from Orvieto.




The Christmas tree which is realised in Gubbio is certainly the largest in the world and it is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The tree is realised by using the entire southern face of Mount Ingino, the mountain that dominates Gubbio, where 450 coloured lights are lain on the mountain side, powered by several kilometres of electric cables.
The Festival of the Ceri in Gubbio, where the protagonists are three heavy candles carried in procession to the Basilica of San Ubaldo; and the Cross-Bow Palio held in Gubbio, a contest between the Gubbio crossbowmen and their Tuscan counterparts from Sansepolcro.